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Corporate Consultations

  • "You can’t be prepared if you’re half asleep" Mark Bertolini CEO of giant insurance providers Aetna

  • Sleep is an investment in terms of productivity, work enthusiasm and decreased absenteeism. Having a better night's sleep leads to improved concentration and work productivity, and most importantly, reduces stress and anxiety. Our unique consultancy service is available to companies of all sizes and domains and offers educational topics such as the circadian rhythm and the how to manage the effect on shift workers.

  • We can offer in-house sleep coaching and provide sessions to staff or managers on sleep issues and advise on small life changes which may lead to a better work/life balance for your staff and potentially reduce stress related absence.


  • We offer workshops to a variety of corporate, health cohorts and the public sector. Talks and demonstrations are given on how to improve your sleep health including take home information and relaxation techniques taught to help reduce anxiety and improve your overall sleep.

Corporate work/Press releases

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