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Our vision

To offer outstanding education and therapy in the field of sleep, sleep disorders and sleep medicine.

Our Goals

  • To deliver training programmes to educate health professionals in all aspects of sleep medicine
  • To deliver the Edinburgh Polysomnography courses, our annual Edinburgh Sleep Medicine Course and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) courses.
  • To provide quality sleep education and outreach to the community sector
  • To provide 1-1 consultancy and therapy regarding sleep problems to individuals of all ages.
  • To offer services to corporations to assist with any sleep related issues facing staff to help maintain a healthy work/life balance
  • To provide expert advice and consultation on sleep-related issues

What makes us different...

  • We organise and run the internationally renowned Edinburgh Sleep Medicine Course which started in 2006
  • We run internationally recognised polysomnography courses encompassing both adult and paediatric training
  • We offer bespoke sleep training courses depending on individual need
  • Our service addresses the needs of clients, patients and individuals with sleep problems or issues with a focus on insomnia
  • We offer professional and scientifically evidenced advice on sleep projects and sleep training endeavours
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