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We offer a range of unique Sleep Education programmes.

The highly acclaimed, internationally attended annual Edinburgh Sleep Medicine Course, is a five day course which is in high demand and covers lectures from the basics of sleep science, to learning how to set up your own sleep lab. Suitable for all health professionals with an interest in developing sleep medicine skills and is accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and an application has been made to the EACCME for accreditation for this event.

The Polysomnography two day course is designed for smaller numbers to enable a higher ratio of trainers to delegates and a quality learning experience. It is suitable for all levels of sleep and respiratory staff working in the area of sleep and who wish to develop or enhance their polysomnography skills. It incorporates lectures, hands on practical skills and plenty of scoring practice with RPSGT accredited trainers.

 This course is run four times per year and is accredited for 12 CPD points.

Courses tailored to suit your needs, are also available. Please contact us for more details.

Please check availability of places on the courses PRIOR to making a payment, as the course may already be fully booked.  

Edinburgh Sleep Course 

This annual, week-long course is suitable for health professionals and is formally accredited by the Royal College of Physicians.

25th - 29th March 2019

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About the course

This week-long course runs annually and is suitable for health professionals.

Sleep medicine as a speciality has burgeoned in the last 20 years, yet remains a relatively young discipline within the field of healthcare.

Sleep has relevance over a wide range of other specialities including respiratory medicine, cardiology and neurology, and impacts significantly on public health aspects such as driving, work performance and hypertension.

To be able to effectively practice in this area, it is important to have a solid grasp of the basics underlying adult sleep medicine. This course aims to provide a grounding in sleep technology and the science behind the diagnosis and management of more common adult sleep disorders.

The Edinburgh Sleep Medicine Course is endorsed by the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS).

This course is open to applicants from all countries. You will need a strong understanding of spoken English.

The course is primarily aimed at:

• Physicians

• Medical trainees

• Allied health professionals

• Nurses

• Psychologists

• Psychiatrists

• General Practitioners

• Anyone with a professional interest in sleep

What you will learn

Our course covers the fundamental aspects of adult sleep medicine.

We will focus on the fundamentals of adult sleep medicine and discuss recent developments. We aim to increase the profile of the discipline to encourage more research, networking and training opportunities.

Aims and objectives

Building on the expertise of our Department, the focus will be on adult sleep and its disorders. Over the duration of course we aim to:

• teach the fundamentals of sleep medicine.

• provide up-to-date information on the theory and practice of sleep medicine.

• develop educational, research and career opportunities.

• strengthen availability of vocational training in sleep in the UK and Europe.

Course content

The course will consist of lectures, tutorials and hands-on workshops. Topics covered include:

• Physiology and pathophysiology of sleep and breathing

• Technical aspects of sleep measurement

• Obstructive sleep apnoea

• Cheyne-Stokes respiration

• Modes of delivering positive airway pressure

• Narcolepsy

• Parasomnias and nocturnal epilepsy

• Periodic leg movements

• Sleep apnoea and cardiovascular risk factors

Polysomnography Course

This two day course offers practical training on conducting and interpreting polysomnographic recordings

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About the course

This two day course is suitable for health professionals.

Course dates for 2018

  • 1st to 2nd June 2018
  • 7th to 8th  September 2018 
  • 23rd to 24th November 2018

This course is open to applicants from all countries who wish to gain or improve their skills in setting up, scoring and interpreting full polysomnographic sleep studies. You will need a strong understanding of spoken English.

The course is primarily aimed at:

• Physicians

• Medical trainees

• Allied health professionals

• Nurses

• Students

• Researchers

• Anyone with a professional interest in sleep medicine

This course is accredited for 12 CPD points for those completing or furthering their professional qualifications.

The cost of the course is £700 per delegate

What you will learn

We focus on the understanding and evaluation of polysomnographic recordings, and the course will take a hands-on approach to using polysomnography.

Aims and objectives

The course will primarily focus on adult sleep patterns, though some paediatric sleep studies will be considered.

The course will be largely practical, with the aim of equipping health practitioners to carry out polysomnographic tests within their current line of work.

Over the duration of course we aim to:

• facilitate the understanding of polysomnography

• cover the basic practical skills required including wiring up, troubleshooting and report interpretation

• develop and improve these core practical skills.

Experienced staff will be on-hand throughout the course, allowing maximum time for questions and one-to-one time during individual scoring practice.

Delegate numbers are strictly limited to a ratio of 3:1, allowing for tailoring of the programme to the individual needs of the attendees.

Course content

The course will include lectures, hands-on workshops and group exercises. Topics covered:

• Setting up full polysomnography

• Limb movements

• EEG arousals

• Respiratory events

• Stages of sleep

• Artefact recognition

• Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT)

• Maintenance of wakefulness test (MWT)

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - Insomnia (CBT-I)

 We are running this course as an optional bolt on to the Edinburgh Sleep Medicine Course 2018 on 24th and 25th March 2018 - Places limited to 30 delegates

The aim of this course is to provide the relevant information to identify, assess, and diagnose cases of insomnia, and with peer supervision, manage cases using the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia.


It is open to applicants from all countries. Competence in understanding spoken English is required.

This course will cover:

  • How to define Insomnia Disorder using currently published international guidelines
  • How to identify the differences between the various types and subtypes of Insomnia Disorder
  • How to assess other intrinsic and extrinsic disorders masking insomnia
  • Identifying who is and is not a suitable candidate for CBT-I
  • Practical, hands-on experience of conducting CBT-I under peer supervision, including case studies
  • How to apply a variety of other therapies in the Insomnia Disorder setting

Edinburgh Paediatric PSG Course

Next course will be held on 30th November - 1st December 2018

This unique course offers a hands-on approach to understanding paediatric sleep medicine as well as adolescent sleep issues. The course provides practical demonstrations and individualised practice in setting up and scoring polysomnography and polygraphy in children.

This course is geared particularly towards all health professionals working in the area of paediatric sleep medicine and general paediatric medicine but is also suitable for those working in adult sleep medicine or in the general area of sleep.

This course will cover:

The basics of paediatric sleep from newborn to adolescent

Setting up polysomnography and polygraphy in children

Understanding sleep staging from the newborn to the adolescent

Differences between paediatric and adult sleep

Adolescent sleep issues and the role of actigraphy

Assessing sleepiness

The cost of the course is £700 per delegate

Registration and further information

Drop by or give us a call

If you would like to register for any of the courses or require further information , please contact: 

Lisa Wood

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07555796272

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